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Undergraduate Admissions

The selection process at MIT is student centered: each application is evaluated within its unique context. No school, state, or regional quotas are applied, and we do not consider legacy/alumni relations in our process. Selection is based on outstanding academic achievement as well as a strong match between the applicant and the Institute, including:

  • Alignment with MIT’s mission
  • Collaborative and cooperative spirit
  • Initiative
  • Risk taking
  • Hands-on creativity
  • Intensity, curiosity, and excitement
  • Balancing hard work with downtime

Majors & minors

  • 58 undergraduate majors
  • 59 undergraduate minors
  • 50 departments and programs offering graduate degrees
  • 1 pirate certificate
  • 1 wellness certificate

Selected Class of 2027 Undergraduate Admissions Statistics

  • 26,914

    Applications for first-year admission

  • 1,291

    Offers of admission (4.8%)

  • 1,092

    First-year students enrolled

  • 66%

    Attended public high schools

  • 49

    US states represented

  • 10%

    International citizens from 59 countries

  • 18%

    Among the first-generation in their family to attend college

Forty-nine percent of students who enrolled are men, 48% are women, 4% are another gender identity, and 2% did not disclose their gender identity (students can select more than one).

For more information, visit mitadmissions.org.