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MIT Students after Graduation

Upon graduation, MIT students are well prepared and successful applicants for jobs or graduate school. They use a variety of MIT resources, including networking; career fairs; attending employer programs; advising; and professional development services, clubs, and organizations. MIT Career Advising and Professional Development (CAPD) and other Institute resources, along with faculty, advisors, departmental staff, and alumni, help guide students applying to graduate and professional schools. Students interact with employers and graduate schools through career fairs, employer information sessions, and recruiting partnerships. In the 2022–2023 academic year, employers recruited students for internships and employment through on-campus career fairs, information sessions, programs, and events, as well as through formal partnerships.


2023 Graduating Students’ Post-Graduation Plans

Plan Bachelor’s Master’s Doctoral
Graduate school 43% 14%
Work 49% 79% 98%

Sources: 2023 Graduating Student Survey, Doctoral Exit Survey. Institutional Research, Office of the Provost.

Graduating bachelor’s students going on to graduate school indicated pursuing one or more of the following: master’s (58%), doctoral (35%), and medical (7%) degrees. In 2023, the top universities for bachelor’s recipients pursuing graduate study were MIT, Harvard, Stanford, CalTech, UC Berkley, Carnegie Mellon University, and Columbia. Master’s students seeking further study were primarily pursuing doctoral (87%) and master’s (8%) degrees. Most master’s students (67%) continued their studies at MIT.

Approximately 14% of graduating bachelor’s and 17% of graduate master’s students indicated they would be working at an employer considered to be a start-up. More than half of doctoral students planning to work (54%) were choosing to work in academic or research institutions. Of those entering academia, 16% had tenure-track faculty appointments. 


Additional 2023 Post-Graduation Employment Statistics

Plan Bachelor’s Master’s Doctoral
Expect to work in the US 95% 86% 92%
Had an internship/externship that led to accepted job offer 47% 35%

Sources: 2023 Graduating Student Survey, Doctoral Exit Survey. Institutional Research, Office of the Provost.

MIT graduates who continue to employment are offered competitive salaries after graduation. Typically, they receive salary offers 30–40% above the national average for new college graduates, depending on the industry. Additional salary data is available on the CAPD website.

Organizations that hire MIT graduates

Many companies and organizations regularly recruit at MIT. The following is a brief list of top employers who hired from the Class of 2023:

Bain & Company
Boston Children’s Hospital
Boston Consulting Group
Citadel LLC
Goldman Sachs
Jane Street Capital
Massachusetts General Hospital
McKinsey & Company
Palantir Technologies
Space Exploration Technologies (SpaceX)
Tesla Inc.
US Navy
World Bank

Majors & minors

  • 58 undergraduate majors
  • 59 undergraduate minors
  • 50 departments and programs offering graduate degrees
  • 1 pirate certificate
  • 1 wellness certificate