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In fall 2021, MIT announced the conclusion of its MIT Campaign for a Better World, which raised a total of $6.24 billion to support the Institute’s work on some of humanity’s biggest challenges. Overall, 112,703 individuals and organizations contributed to the campaign. Sixty-three percent of all donors were MIT alumni.

The campaign was publicly launched in 2016 and formally ran from July 2011 to June 2021. During its final year, new gifts and pledges totaled $564 million.

Campaign donors supported the establishment of hundreds of new scholarships, fellowships, and professorships, and contributed extensive new funding for labs, living and learning spaces, innovation and entrepreneurship, and discovery research. Campaign contributions fueled a 67% increase in unrestricted giving compared to the previous decade, helping to advance early-stage ideas, supply vital equipment, renew existing buildings, and supplement financial aid.

MIT continues to cultivate the support of its alumni and friends for ongoing core needs and to seek opportunities to focus fundraising efforts on what drives the Institute’s giving community: accelerating the creation of new knowledge and innovative solutions for the world’s most difficult problems.

Undergraduate financial aid, 2020–2021

  • 38% of students attended tuition-free
  • 57% of students were awarded a need-based MIT scholarship
  • 82% of Class of 2021 graduated with no student loan debt