MIT Alumni Association

The MIT Alumni Association seeks to engage and inspire the MIT global community to make a better world. It serves as a platform to strengthen the ties of MIT’s 146,539 living alumni and its students and friends with the Institute and with one another, and offers opportunities for connection through various resources, programs, services, and channels.


Geographic Distribution of Alumni

Region Number
United States and possessions 111,813
New England 28,058
Mid-Atlantic 27,566
West 23,122
Southwest and South Central 9,684
Great Lakes 7,808
Southeast 7,681
Northwest and Great Plains 6,984
Alaska and Hawaii 617
Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands, and other US territories 293
Asia 10,357
Europe 7,071
North America (other than US) 2,612
South America 1,832
Pacific Ocean Islands and Australia 769
Africa 618
Central America 90
Total 135,162

Note: Includes only alumni with known addresses. Data as of July 1, 2023.

In fiscal year 2023, 60% of living alumni engaged with MIT philanthropically, virtually or face to face. More than 15,000 alumni volunteered in service to the MIT community. MIT Annual Giving reported $84.2 million in gifts, and more than 35,000 alumni, students, and friends gave to MIT.