Graduate Tuition & Aid

  • $53,450

    2020–2021 tuition*
    (9 months)

  • $18,465

    2020 summer tuition for students enrolled in courses

* Specific programs and departments may have different tuition amounts. Tuition rates are set by the Academic Council in the spring for the following academic year.

MIT’s residential system can accommodate 39% of its graduate students; the rest find housing in the Boston/Cambridge area. Graduate students’ costs for housing, food, books, medical insurance, and incidentals vary widely depending on marital status, quality-of-life expectations, and housing arrangements. For example, monthly charges for on-campus housing range from $884 to $3,250, depending on housing type and location.

Financial Aid

Financial aid for graduate students is in large part provided by individual departments, and the amount of aid varies significantly. Financial support includes fellowships, traineeships, teaching and research assistantships, and loans. Most forms of support are granted for merit, while others are granted for financial need or a combination of merit and need.

Approximately 2,500 graduate students are primarily supported as research assistants and 810 are appointed as teaching assistants; 1,900 are supported on fellowships.


Doctoral Student Support, by Type and School,* 2019–2020

School RA FE TA Other or none
Architecture and Planning 53% 17% 19% 11%
Engineering 60% 20% 9% 11%
Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences 31% 36% 20% 13%
Management 37% 44% 17% 2%
Science 49% 36% 14% 2%
Total 53% 27% 12% 8%

Notes: RA=research assistantship, FE=fellowship, TA=teaching assistantship
*The Schwarzman College of Computing did not begin operations until September 2020.